Nate J. Marshall

Brand Marketing Manager

  • Focus: Creative storytelling/brand marketing/video production
  • Education: Marketing Major, Ohio University
  • Fun Fact: I am an Eagle Scout

With a passion for storytelling and over 15 years of experience in digital media production, Nate prides himself on being a marketing and branding multi-tool. As a Brand Marketing Manager for Hamilton Capital, Nate utilizes a wide array of digital media resources to develop and implement effective marketing strategies designed to build the Hamilton Capital brand while helping our team thrive.

“Always Be Prepared”

During my time in the Boy Scouts of America, the most important thing I learned was also the organization’s motto, “Be Prepared.” I continue to live by this motto because of just how important this concept has been in my life. And while I hope to never need my fire-starting necklace, my portable trauma-grade first aid kit, or my digital camera insurance, I sure feel better knowing I have those tools at the ready along with the skills and resources needed to solve unexpected problems as they arise. So, whether it’s a deep survival scenario or a business team that needs my help, I pride myself on taking every opportunity to prepare myself and others to thrive in any situation we may encounter.