Monnett Hamilton

Brand Marketing Manager

  • Focus: Building and managing the Hamilton Capital brand
  • Education: Bachelor of Communication, Denison University
  • Fun Fact: Monnett was fortunate enough to be in Paris when France won the World Cup in 2019!

Monnett joined the Hamilton Capital Team as a Brand Marketing Specialist in May 2021. Using her passion for storytelling and problem solving, Monnett hopes to help further articulate what makes Hamilton Capital so special.

Before joining Hamilton Capital, Monnett was a self-employed consultant both supporting our branding efforts as well as many other distinctive brands.

In her free time, Monnett loves to play squash, spend time with friends, and stay involved in the German Village community. She recently adopted a kitten named Ringo, who now takes up the majority of space on her camera roll.

It’s all “chicken” to me…

As a kid, I loved chicken. I didn’t care what form it came in, if I thought something included chicken I would happily eat it. My mom caught onto this quickly and started feeding me “broccoli chicken,” “calamari chicken,” “green bean chicken,” you name it.

To this day there isn’t a food I don’t like, and I’ve never been shy to try new activities, meet new people, and travel to new places.  Not every new thing sticks, but I know I have my mother and “chicken” to thank for all my attempts.