Lyssa C. Crawford


  • Focus: Client relations
  • Education: Bachelor of Science in Financial Planning, Franklin University
  • Fun Fact: I’m color blind but didn’t find out until an 8th grade science fair project.

Lyssa joined Hamilton Capital in 2023 as a Paraplanner.  Her current duties include serving clients, account administration, and providing support to her team members.

Lyssa grew up in Romania and moved to Ohio in her elementary school years. She worked full time while attending Franklin University for 3 years while majoring in financial planning and minoring in management and leadership.

In her spare time, Lyssa enjoys hiking, kayaking, and spending time in nature with her dogs.

Love of History

I grew up in eastern Europe in the early 2000s. Being in Europe and seeing historical sights at an early age piqued my interest in learning about the past. I now love watching documentaries, reading, and learning about world history. I believe that understanding the past can lead to a better understanding of the present.