Kelly L. Schleier

Client Relations Representative

  • Focus: Client relations
  • Education: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Kennesaw State University
  • Fun Fact: Kelly is the only one of her siblings who is less than 6 feet tall. At 5’10”, she is a full foot shorter than her "little" brother Christopher.

As a Client Relations Representative, Kelly is responsible for client service and account administration, as well as supporting our Wealth Advisory Team.

Before joining the firm, she served as a quality analyst for J.P. Morgan Securities. Originally from Georgia, she went to Kennesaw State University where she received a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. In her free time, Kelly enjoys cycling, knitting, and reading.

Volunteering introduced me to ASL

I wanted to learn how to ride horses when I was in college, so I decided to volunteer at a horse farm. The farm I chose was involved in a Hippotherapy speech program that worked primarily with disabled children. I was placed as a side walker to stabilize the person on horseback while they were working with their speech pathologist. One of the children I worked with had autism and apraxia and was not able to say more than a few words. He did, however, know a little bit of sign language. I learned the signs for “thank you” and “fine” and immediately fell in love.

Several years later, I met a deaf couple through my work and they taught me ASL. I never ended up learning to ride a horse, but I did find a passion for speaking a new language and met some amazing people along the way.