John Durell


  • Focus: Managing client relationships
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts, The Ohio State University
  • Fun Fact: John almost got stuck in New Zealand at the beginning of COVID and somewhat regrets getting out in time.

John joined Hamilton Capital in 2023 as a Client Relations Representative before transitioning to the financial advisory team in 2024. His current duties include serving clients, account administration, and providing support for team members. Prior to joining Hamilton Capital, he worked as a project manager for 6 years. John enjoys finding creative solutions to difficult problems.

John enjoys travelling, fires with the neighbors, and going on walks with his wife, daughter, and two rescue dogs.

Home Improvement

My wife and I have found great joy in tackling difficult projects in our backyard. She is certainly the driving force behind the majority of the projects, but I feel proud of a rain barrel collection system I was able to install.