Chris Archer

Director of Advisory Services

  • Focus: Drive Advisor collaboration, engagement and initiatives
  • Education: Bachelor of Psychology, Miami University
  • Fun Fact: While attending Miami University, Chris was a tournament champion on the University Trivia Game Show “IQ.”

As Director of Advisory services, Chris is responsible for collaborating closely with the Advisory team to champion superior service to all clients. In his role, Chris also functions as a liaison with all departments to build relationships and drive engagement and cohesion amongst partners.

With over 15 years in financial services, Chris leverages his experience in client facing, operations and leadership roles to drive a “Serve First” mentality every day. He believes communication is the key to successful partnerships and works to promote routine engagement and dialogue with all stakeholders.

A graduate of Miami University, Chris is a proud “Miami Merger” and lives in Upper Arlington with his wife Christina and their two sons. They enjoy staying active in the local Metro Parks and exploring the many State Parks around Ohio.

Tartar sauce……

Having worked with a long-distance client over the phone for several years, we developed a genuine friendship but had never had the chance to meet in person. She lived on a small lake in a remote area of Northern Michigan and accessibility was challenging.

Fortunately, I had an opportunity to take a trip to the area and found myself about 45 minutes from where the client lived. I was able to meet her near her home and we had a wonderful lunch together at a local grill. She shared all about the town, her home and the beautiful family she raised on the lake.

Years before our meeting, the client joked that if I ever made it to meet her in person, I had to bring her tartar sauce from a local Columbus restaurant that she loved and hadn’t had in years. Although we only joked about it one time, the request was unique and stuck with me. Toward the end of our lunch, I pulled out a small box. The client was completely surprised when she opened the small box to find two jars of her favorite tartar sauce. Although I’ll never forget her surprise and appreciation for the gesture, her gratitude was secondary to her acknowledgment of me listening and recalling our conversation from years ago. I think it’s a great reminder of the importance of listening as well as the impact small actions can have on someone. I pride myself in being an engaged listener and always look for the opportunity to brighten someone’s day through small gestures.