Casey M. Kimbler

Director of Investment Operations

  • Focus: Managing investment operations and trades, and technology
  • Education: Bachelor of Science, Tennessee Technological University
  • Fun Fact: I make fantastic baked goods that I love to share with others.

Casey joined Hamilton Capital in 2003 as a member of the Investment Management team and over time, she became the Director of the Investment Operations where she currently oversees the firm’s portfolio management system and trade execution.

Using the breadth of experience gained during her tenure at Hamilton Capital, Casey has played an integral role in decisions regarding firm operations––usually centered around technology usage––to help keep firm running smoothly and efficiently.

The Investment Operations team is a centralized group who directly serve the firm’s advisors and staff, and in turn, helps them better serve Hamilton Capital’s clients.

An Ohio native and a graduate of Tennessee Technological University, Casey holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. She graduated in cursu honorum and summa cum laude.

I still have my first savings account books

I’ve always had an interest in money – particularly saving and investing it. My parents opened a savings account for me when I was just a few years old, and I still have the old bank books. When it came to the money I had as a child, if it wasn’t in the bank, then it was in my piggy bank – which I loved to empty and count.

By the time I was eight, I was able to start saving my own money by working for minimum wage at the family business and selling animals in 4-H. I was so excited to keep $20 of my profit each year to spend on whatever I wanted.

Luckily my dad also started investing in stocks for me when I was young. By the time I got to high school and college I was keen to learn about trading investments and began making my own investment decisions. I think he still regrets not listening to some of my advice all those years ago.