Annie M. Sofranko

Senior Client Relations Representative

  • Focus: Servicing client relationships
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts, Saint Mary's College
  • Certifications: Notary Public, State of Ohio
  • Fun Fact: I took Italian lessons for 11 years starting in the 5th grade.

Annie joined Hamilton Capital in September 2021 as a Client Relations Representative, and was promoted to Senior Client Relations Representative in July 2023. Prior to working for the firm, she worked in banking, financial services, and home building, three industries where she realized her passion for helping others achieve their personal goals.

A graduate of Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana, Annie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications. She is an active member of the college’s local alumnae club and is always happy to help a former Belle out.

In her free time, Annie and her husband enjoy cooking, taking their German Shepherd, Fritz, for walks, spending time with family, and traveling.

The value of saving

I’m the daughter of two accountants, and my parents started our financial education at a young age. Every Christmas as a kid, my grandparents would send both my sister and me a check for one hundred dollars. My parents would give us the option to either deposit the check into our savings account, or cash it as our spending money for the year. They made it very clear that once it was gone, it was gone and to make sure we spent it on things we were sure were important to us. I, of course, always chose to cash mine and I always asked for it back in one-dollar bills. I don’t remember what I spent my money on, but my goal was always to have some left over at the end of the year to prove that I could save. It was a fun challenge, and my mom and dad would check in a few times a year to see what we were spending on and how much we each had left. Even if I only had two dollars left by the following Christmas, I had still saved. At the time, I didn’t know the lesson my parents were trying to teach, but looking back, I’m so thankful they did. I may not be walking around with one hundred one dollar bills anymore, but I sure know the value in saving for something important because of my parents and I’m happy to be on a team that helps others plan for the things that matter the most to them.