Three members of the Hamilton Capital team were interviewed by Columbus CEO about investing in a volatile market, including our Chairman and CEO Matt Hamilton, who stressed the importance of a sound investment process, and Managing Directors Jeff Wilkins and Lee Caleshu, who provided perspective on what to consider when investing in hedge funds.

“The answer to the question of what should I do in these times is to be clear on your investment objectives and have a sound investment process that you understand and continue to follow,” says Matt Hamilton, CEO of Hamilton Capital.

“Hedge funds have underperformed public markets, particularly over the past 10 years,” says Jeffrey Wilkins, a managing director at Hamilton Capital. “They can be a tricky vehicle, but hedge funds can be a very good opportunity to access certain asset classes [and] access certain kinds of credit versus ETFs [exchange-traded funds] and mutual funds because of how the underlying credit investments actually trade.”

Another reason to consider a hedge fund “is to access a team with expertise which will only own a select group of what we consider attractive assets within a larger asset class,” says Lee Caleshu, a Hamilton Capital managing director, adding another benefit of hedge funds in volatile times is they “protect our clients against mass redemption during market stress. Hedge funds prevent other investors from redeeming at inopportune times and hurting all the investors in the fund.”

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