Economic Outlook

Speaks Softly, But Keeps Growing

The recent economic story has been one of solid performance beating glum expectations.

Fourth-quarter growth of 2.1% was near the central tendency of several years. And while the third quarter was a bit stronger, quarters before that weren’t, and a slowdown is broadly forecast for the first quarter of 2017 just ended. And round ‘n’ round it goes.

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Equity Portfolios

Continued Optimism, But Beware Of Mood Shifts

The post-election exuberance in the broad equity market continued in early 2017, though small-cap stocks came up, well, short.

Surveys and market sentiment remain strong on hope for an improved regulatory environment, additional government stimulus (from infrastructure and/or tax cuts) leading to more jobs and higher wages, and, for some, a focus on “America First” that translates into reduced immigration, improved trade outcomes, more manufacturing and coal jobs, and other expected gains.

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Fixed Income Portfolios

Monetary Policy Normalization In Abnormal Times

U.S. inflation is approaching the Fed’s target rate of 2%. The American economy is viewed as “…at or near maximum employment.” In anticipation of incoming wage pressure and inflation risk, the central bank has begun a monetary “normalization” process by gradually raising the so-called Fed Funds rate and began discussions on how to shrink its balance sheet, now engorged with treasury and mortgage-backed bonds.

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