Economic Outlook

Significant Volatility Triggers Fear, But Reality Is Better

Volatility has been the hallmark of recent months. Rising commodity prices through early 2011 and the March Japanese tsunami had a real, slowing impact on the economy. This, of course, was greatly exaggerated by concerns of fiscal crisis in Europe and the U.S., as politicians failed to provide leadership.

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Equity Portfolios

Stocks Rocked By Volatility, While Earnings Shine

The economy and financial markets often march to different drummers. Last quarter they shared strong volatility. Equities experienced weak performance (much of it offset in early October on improved perceptions) while profits were at very high levels.

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Fixed Income Portfolios

A Volatile Quarter For The Bond Market

The bond market experienced its share of volatility as investors tried to reconcile numerous issues facing the economy and markets. Ongoing uncertainty about a Greek default, signs the global economy is slowing, and a downgrade of the U.S. government debt all gave bond investors plenty to analyze.

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