Who We Serve

We serve a diverse range of individuals and families in all stages of life including:

  • Emerging affluent
  • Wealth builders
  • Entering retirement
  • Legacy and impact

In addition, we provide investment management services to corporations, public and private foundations, charitable trusts, endowments and qualified retirement plans.

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How We're Compensated

We don’t sell products or receive commissions. As true fiduciaries, our only source of revenue comes from the transparent professional fees we receive from you.

Firm Recognition

Wealth management firms are defined by the strength of their teams. Our team is nationally recognized, highly credentialed, and hand-selected for its deep knowledge and diverse experiences. We believe our team is among the most talented in the industry with a unique combination of wisdom, financial expertise and investment management skill, whose collective efforts are focused on you

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Financial Planning | 2017

Financial Planning magazine named Hamilton Capital Management to its RIA Leaders list, which ranks the nation’s independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisers in a number of categories. Hamilton Capital was ranked 10th in number of advisors, 19th in total client accounts and 80th in assets under management.

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Inc. | 2017, 2016, 2015

Hamilton Capital has been named to the Inc. 5000 for a third consecutive year, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in America by Inc. magazine. The firms on the 5,000-member list, which has featured powerhouse brands like Microsoft, Oracle, Intuit, Zappos and GoPro in the past, demonstrated remarkably consistent high growth according to the magazine’s editor.

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What Are People Asking Us?

  • Fee only?


  • Fiduciary?


  • Planning & Advice?

    Yes, we learn about you, where you want to go and don’t stop there.

  • Team approach?

    It’s the only way! We believe our team approach makes us one of the most experienced and skilled firms out there.

  • Experienced?

    Over two billion in assets managed plus plenty of earned national recognition.

  • Research?

    We’re all about the research – and it’s original, thorough and ongoing.

  • Reporting?

    Our reporting is simple, clear and transparent – 100% of the time.

  • Online dashboard?

    Of course! It’s secure and updated daily, plus it showcases balance sheet/net worth, cash flows, retirement, investments, and more.

  • Real conversations with real people?

    You bet! And any way you’d like – phone, text, video, in-person, a tin can. Whatever works for you.

  • Dynamic investment process?

    That is our trademark! In fact, it’s why we built our own investment team for ongoing adjustments of asset allocations as conditions change.

Our Story

We believe wealth, itself, is not the destination. It’s the vehicle for something more meaningful. Hamilton Capital has been passionate about serving you and your family with integrity and excellence.

Our vision is simple – we want to help our clients create lasting impact as they achieve their life goals and leave an echoing legacy. We believe in holistic financial well-being and that starts with understanding where you want to be and providing you insightful and careful planning and financial strategies to get you there.

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Our Goals:


Maintain a culture of continuous improvement measured by your experiences and the inventive solutions we bring to you


Be transparent only serve in a fiduciary capacity by maximizing transparency and maintaining compensation structures that are aligned with your success


Attract high caliber talent creating a client-focused positive culture


Develop the next generation of advisors and investment professionals providing early exposure to high-level experience and frequent mentorship training


Centralized investment management by institutional quality team of professional investment managers, not just advisors


Our Values:

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Serve First: We always put the interest of the client first, and act with a service mindset, fully aligned and transparent in all that we do.

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Be Insightful: We build our global perspective and expertise and use our insightful financial strategies to help our clients see their future more clearly.

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Guide Forward: We proactively look over the horizon and focus on the future with our clients’ goals in mind.

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Collaborate: We listen intently, seek to understand the deeper purpose, and then act for our clients with a committed team of professionals.

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Make it Happen: We are accountable to our clients and our teammates to find the solution, commit to action, and own the results.