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Regional Specialists Review August 2017

One of our philosophical cornerstones is that causal factors will determine if we're headed to Berlin or Brisbane, but we certainly won't get there in a straight line. Rather, we will bounce off the guardrails along the way, driven by unpredictable triggers that are, by definition, impossible to anticipate. So, we don't try to predict these triggers, though we do assiduously monitor our environment for them.

It's just possible that recent rhetoric from North Korea, and the U.S. president's "fire and fury" response, could be one such event. It could fade away to nothing but a brief chapter in this confrontation, and we'll hope for that scenario. But it could become a causal factor itself, which is more likely to be a bad thing than otherwise. There's also a good chance it could serve as a catalyst for heightened market volatility, even if the real culprit is the "dear" level for prices in many financial markets.

8/16/2017 11:17:23 AM

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